For over a decade, we have been helping our customers to put smiles on the faces of children all over the world. Our artfully designed toys are loved by children and sought after by adults.

Handcrafted wooden and fabric toys made for toddlers and children of all ages is our specialty. We manufacture puzzles, cars, airplanes, toy boxes, trucks, castles, furniture – you name it, we can produce it for you. In addition, we can manufacture soft ornaments, stuffed toys, wall hangings and playhouses and can source candles, porcelain, stoneware and resin products.

We use kiln dried rubber wood and MDF board to craft our wooden toys and figurines and use exclusively non-toxic paint. Each piece is cut, sanded and finished by hand. Our fabric range is produced using high quality imported and local fabrics and every stitch is put in place with great care. To us, quality is a constant priority before, during and after production.

We have a collection of eye catching designs of wooden and fabric toys that warm the hearts of many children. We have the ability to cater to ever increasing international demands of quality and safety.

Please feel free to browse around, glance through our showcased products and get to know us better. We would like you to know that your response is important to us. Do share your reactions, comments, questions or sales needs with us. So please contact us anytime.

We possess high standards of skills inherited from our traditional Sri Lankan arts and craftsmanship background. We combine this heritage with modern machinery, high quality raw materials, years of experience in the field and an absolute love for the art of toy making to deliver high quality wooden and fabric toys.